Submission of Employers Tax Return (TD 7) for the year 2024 via the TAX FOR ALL (TFA) system

Written by Demetris Nicolaides
23 February, 2024

The Tax Department has announced that, as part of the gradual transition to the new Computerized System TFA, the submission process for the Employers Tax Return (TD 7) for the year 2024 and onwards will now take place exclusively through the TFA system, replacing the previous procedure using the TAXISnet system.

The announcement also clarifies the following:

  • For the year 2024, only the annual Employers Tax Return (TD 7) will be able to be submitted within the year 2025. In subsequent years, the ability to prepare and submit monthly Employers Tax Returns (TD 7) will be permissible.
  • Valid Tax Payer Identification Code (TIC) for all employees is required for the successful submission of the Employers Tax Return (TD 7).
  • The current process of paying withheld tax (PAYE) and GHS contributions for the year 2024 through the Tax Portal remains unchanged.

We are available for any additional inquiries or clarifications you may require.

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