Extension to the deadline for the submission of 2022 Personal Income Tax returns (TD1s)- 2 October 2023

Written by Theano Charalambous
16 June, 2023

On 9th June 2023, Decree No. 183/2023 was issued in the Official Gazette extending the deadline for electronically submitting the 2022 Personal Income Tax Returns (TD1) and the payment of any final tax due via self-assessment to October 2, 2023.

The requirement to file a Personal Income Tax Return (TD1) for tax year 2022 applies to:

(1) employees,

(2) pensioners, and

(3) self-employed individuals who do not have an obligation to prepare Financial Statements

Note that following the issue of Decree No. 373/2022 individuals whose total gross income for tax year 2022 exceeds the amount of €19,500 are exempt from submitting a Personal Income Tax Return for 2022.

We remain at your disposal for further clarifications.

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