Extension of the deadline of forms T.D.602 and T.D.603

Written by Marios Panayides
31 January, 2022

The deadline for the electronic submission of the declarations for Special Defence Contribution (SDC) and General Healthcare System (GHS) contributions withheld on interest (T.D. 602) and dividend payments (T.D. 603), extended to 31 March 2022.

Submissions made after this date will be subject to a penalty of €100.

The extension does not apply to payments. Therefore, the statutory deadline for the payments of SDC and GHS contributions withheld from actual dividends paid or Deemed Dividend Distributions (DDD) as of 31 December 2021 (out of the 2019 profits) remains the 31st of January 2022.

Payments can be made via internet banking or the tax Portal.

In addition, the announcement clarifies that Form T.D. 623 with respect to Deemed Dividend Distribution (DDD) is effectively replaced by Form T.D.603. In order for the submission of the form to be considered as related to DDD, taxpayers need to confirm this with answering the question “Does the dividend relate to Deemed Distribution” as shown below:

It is noted that Form T.D. 603 for DDD should only be submitted if there was an obligation to withhold SDC and/or GHS contributions on the deemed dividends and it has to be submitted from year 2019 (year of profits: 2017) onwards.

For more information see the announcement from Tax department.

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