Extension of Employer’s Return (TD 7) for years 2019 to 2023

Written by Demetris Nicolaides
4 July, 2024

The Tax Department announced that they will provide a grace period until 31 October 2024 for taxpayers to submit the Employers’ Return (TD 7) for tax years 2019-2023 without the imposition of penalties. After this date, the charges provided by the Law will be imposed.

We note that historically, the Tax Department has not been imposing penalty for late submissions of the Employers’ Return. However, in an effort to tighten compliance and ensure adherence to tax regulations moving forward, they are offering this grace period.

We encourage all taxpayers to take advantage of this opportunity to submit any outstanding Employers’ Returns (TD 7) without facing penalties.

For any additional inquiries or clarifications, we are available to assist you.

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